Appartment Hotel Marina in Selce

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Hotel "Marina" was built in 2003 on the coast between the wellknown summer resort of Crikvenica and the picturesque coastal town of Selce.
Due to its pleasant environment and high quality of accommodation, variety of facilities and high level of technological equipment, the hotel has been awarded four stars.
All who decide to visit Hotel Marina will find pleasant and comfortable surroundings, Restaurants with a gastronomic selection which guarantees pleasure for Gourmets and concomitant facilities which enable a pleasant stay.
Hotel has guaranteed parking places for all our Guests and a Garage, as well as two parking places for buses.

Appartment code HT-0635
Hotel facilities Reception desk, Restaurant a la carte, Buffet restaurant, Conference hall, Hotel terrace, Caffe bar, Aperitif bar
Activities Fitness centre, Tanning bed, Massage, Children's playroom, Indoor pool, Sauna
Gastronomy Traditional cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine
Services in hotel
All hotel accommodation units have Mini-bar, Air condition, satellite TV, Safe, Internet access, Bathroom
Hotel is situated on the coast
Hotel is distanced from City center: 1000m
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