Appartment Hotel The Puciæ Palace in Dubrovnik

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The Pucic Palace is situated in the center of the Old Town directly across the Gundulic Square, named after Ivan Gundulic, a Dubrovnik-born poet and dramatist who lived in the 17th century. Once one of the finest noble homes of its time, The Pucic Palace features dramatic rooms, a raised terrace and the space and comfort typical of the pleasurable world of Renaissance palace. For centuries, as Dubrovnik proved to be a popular destination along ancient trade routes, The Pucic Palace became the favored residence for senators, travellers and artists – a place for distinguished personalities.

Appartment code HT-0086
Hotel facilities Reception desk, Restaurant a la carte, Hotel terrace, Caffe bar, Aperitif bar, Reception desk safe, Medical service
Gastronomy Traditional cuisine, Vegeterian cuisine, Diet menu, French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, Chef's specialties
Services in hotel Breakfast in the room, Laundry, Ironing, Newspaper delivery, Babysitting, Fax service, Lunch package service
All hotel accommodation units have Mini-bar, Air condition, satellite TV, telephone, Safe, hair dryer, Dressing table, Internet access, Bathroom
Hotel is situated in historical core
Hotel is distanced from City center: 0m, Sea: 200m, Beach: 500m, Airport: 20000m, Bus station: 2000m
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