Terms and Conditions

In order to make sure you enjoy your stay without having to care about anything, we have prepared some strong Terms and Conditions

In order to make sure you enjoy your stay without having to care about anything, we have prepared some strong Terms and Conditions


This General Terms and Conditions represents agreemeent between YOU(the party leader) and travel agency AMAR Grupa d.o.o (AGENCY).


In order to make reservation of choosen villa or service, the deposit payment is essential.

By making deposit payment (30% or 50% of reservation amount) this agreement come into exictance.Ny deposit payment you confirm to read , understood and agreed with this General Terms and Conditions.As a party leader you accept these genereal terms and Condition in your name and in the name of the all travelers in your party. In the moment of deposit payment all dana and informations on web site are obligated for Agency except in the case of Vis major.


Payment options ()


All prices are in € per week per villa. According to Croatian law the payment will be calculated in Croatian kunas according to RBA bank in Croatia.


It si recomendable that you buy package of travel insurance.The traveleras can buy travel insurance at their country or at http://www.allianz.hr/putno-osiguranje


In the case of cancellation of existing reservation,the date written cancelation will be starting date for cancellation fee calculation as follows:

For all cancellation made before 30 days prior arrival, the fee of 30% of reservation amount will be charged

For all cancellation made from 29-01 days prior arrival, the fee of 100% of reservation amount will be charged.

Agency is not responsible for fees regarding visas or any other expenese made due reservation process.


In case of Vis major (natural casues, demaged accommodation units due unpredictable circumstances,economy break, illness of the owner) the Agency claim the right to change or cancel existing reservation.


Traveler can complain if the service is not as described or accommodation is not as describes.

Travelers must complain to the owner at the accommodation unit so that the owner have an opportunity to put it right at the time.If you can not reach thw owner, please make photo and contact our office at +385 21 400 400 or CONTACT US by email.

In case of Vis major – you are not entitled to compensation. When the complaint is not resolved locally you have a right in 15 days after your departure day to put written complaint with all evidence.if you did not notify owner or Agency from accommodation unit you will loose your right to compensation. Agency will respond to your written complaint in 28 days.

If the traveler has declined offered solutions on the spot, your complaint will be declined. The highest compensation amount can not be higher then reservation amount.

Agency can not be held responsible for weather conditions, cleaneness of the sea and sea temperatures nor for any other circumstances which are not under direct control of Agency. Traveler and Agency shall try to resolve all complaints in cooperation.

If they fail to do so, the Traveler accept juridiction of Court in Split and jurisdiction law is Croatian.


Paying a deposit or payment in full signifies that the Traveller fully comprehends and accepts the aforementioned terms.


If you have a question, please feel free to ask it

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